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🌞🌞 summer has arrived! 🌞🌞 and forge of empires brings us a new event, we will go to Forge Island to participate in the annual summer festival. To participate you must earn doubloons that will be achieved in two different ways! There are many interesting prizes, if you are patient and if you follow these tips you can surely claim the main prize and 2 sets of the secondary prize! Cheer up to play this event that will do your city very well!


🌞🌞 This event is for the lucky ones of the forge of empires, 🌞🌞 Test your luck, patience and perseverance is what it takes to be a winner in this event!

The event consists in spinning «the wheel of fortune», each attempt will cost a doubloon, there are two ways to spin the wheel; » the normal attempt » and » the random attempt ».
The normal attempt is to spin the wheel but already knowing what the prizes you won could be.
The random turn is when you do not like the prizes you see, such as the ones in the photo and you put on refreshing and turning, then the prizes change, the following roulette may have interesting prizes or maybe not, but since you have already spent the doubloon The wheel will turn yes or yes.

Each turn costs a doubloon
Brujula evento de verano forge of empires

Each doubloon spent on roulette will be rewarded with a compass and you can move your ship between 1 to 3 points on the map route, if you are lucky you will arrive faster at the end to claim your special prize and start again with the next prize!

evento de verano forge of empires 2019

Each mission carried out will give you a prize doubloon and at the same time every day that passes they will give you another gift doubloon, trying to calculate we have 55 doubloons per mission and the event will last 22 days, then 22 extra doubloons, add 2 special prizes to this 10 doubloons, then it would be 97 doubloons!

IMPORTANT: now you can also find doubloons in the accidents that are around your city!

Get doubloons to spin the wheel and win some of the prizes but be careful that your neighborhood could refresh the wheel and change the prizes.

The main prize is »the crow's nest '' which is updated up to 8 times but the the ship » update kit that was the main prize of the summer 2018 will also be available.
Important: The upgrade kit of the main prize
the nest of the crow '' will not come out on the roulette wheel but it will be the update kit of the ship », which was the main prize of the 2018 summer event.

Premio especial el nido del cuervo actualizado forge of empires evento de verano 2019

The main prize is « the crow’s nest » and is 5×5 in size, it is updated 8 times but subtract the level 1 that you get in mission 5 and also 2 gift updates in mission number 30 and 55. Then you will only need 5 updates.
How to get them?.

The second special prize is « THE BOAT », the update kit will be available at the Ferris wheel, just be patient and attentive when you go out in your neighborhood roulette! Remember that if another player wins it, it will no longer be available to you.

El evento de verano de 2018 se podra actualizar si lo dejaste a medio terminar, completaras el barco forge of empires
The second most important prize is the boat!, Sure many of us leave the second ship halfway through, less badly save it!

Remember that you can choose any of the three options: The royal Ship, the pirate ship y The merchant Ship, each with different characteristics for the taste of each player.
You can click on their names or look for them in the list of special buildings to see their bonds.


It’s in Spanish, I can do it in English if you give me your support.

The opinions are divided with the special prize, several do not like a random prize besides the building is 5X5!, Anyway I will play it to complete my ship and get special goods to sell them to the merchant. But i like it.

Tip No. 1: Don’t despair, wait for some impatient to refresh the roulette until the « ship upgrade kit » comes out as a prize option, then spend all the necessary doubloons.

Tip No. 3: You can take advantage of the accidents around your city to get extra doubloons!, Watch out for that. Take great care of the doubloons, they are scarce.


it have do it through tables and graphs to make it more intuitive and easy to follow and anticipated difficult missions that demand time. (LACK OF GRAPHICS, I DO IT NOW)

Please give me a few hours and I will put the list of missions in English!

[table id=VERANO2019 /]



I will come up soon, « how to jump you were », more things are coming, I hope I have the time to do it soon.


While they are resting for the end of the football cup event 2019 I add that in a week or so the cultural settlement JAPAN FEUDAL will be arriving and between 6 and 9 days later the great SELLER OF ANTIQUES !. and for those who always want more, the fall event (in development) has already been confirmed … in fact, the first images have already been filtered.

batalla de gremios forge of empires
More leaks from the guild battle, will it be a kind of Player unknown’s Battlegrounds? xd Approximately 60 sectors … anyway calm that the developers said it would come out at the end of the year

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