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We will start 2020 with a very good event! Much better than Winter 2019. The event will be starting on January 14 until February 2 and if you play it well your city will improve significantly!.

I already tried it and I share my experience so that you rely on me and don’t make my mistakes, even if I claim the prize of the day (colosso kit) 19 times and the special prize at the highest level.

I hope they do as well as me in this event, without further explanation and the list of missions

The LIST OF EVENT MISSIONS is now finished.



The classic FORGE BOWL arrives, as every year. BUT this time we will have support TRAINERS and here is the trick to claim twice as many prizes as in the forge bowl last year

The theme of the game is the same, to advance in the field until scoring a touchdown (GOL), to advance you will need to spend ball points.

  • In this event there will be 55 missions, 33 will be instantaneous and 20 missions will be daily.

Every time you get to cross the field and put a touchdown you WILL CLAIM THE GREAT PRIZE!, This is the only way to win the main prize update kit: THE OLYMPIC TREASURE.


THE GREAT NEW! Now you will have 5 coaches who will support you by giving small bonuses so you can win more prizes!

Trainer 1

Normal Trainer

3% chance of receiving double prize

Progress Coach


Special Coach

5% more chance that you get the special prize of the day

League coach

Double the points earned in the General League.

Last Coach

It gives you all the coaches bonuses together!

Last Coach

It is better to know how to accumulate and wait for the balls, how many you have many uses this premium coach and you will see how you get full of prizes!

IMPORTANT: we will also have the league of points, as you will know the theme the more balls you spend, the more you will advance and you will have a better medal, but calm down, if you despair you can ruin this event.


As you know, I make categories according to the importance of the awards, in my opinion it would go like this.

Main Prize

The Olympic Treasure

As we thought, the new awards are more generous than those of previous years, with a size of 4X5 this special building is updated 10 times! and it will provide you with a defense boost when attacking, forge points, goods, coins and supplies.

Secondary Awards

A personal advice, by experience in the long run everything is obsolete: gold, supply, goods, medals, etc. What you will value most will be the attack and the forge points, I should focus on maximizing that. Based on that, I recommend the COLOSO KIT .
These prizes only appear in the special prizes of the day.
Forest Gump
  1. KIT DEL COLOSO: With a size of 4×4, this building is highly valued by warrior players. In the long run, the only thing you will need will be 3 things: Attack, forge points and diamonds.

2. KIT DEL PILAR DE HÉROES: I don’t like this award, it only gives 3 forge points, everything else is not so important.

3. KIT DEL ÍDOLO DE THOLOS: With a 4×4 size it is good but the colossus is better, in my personal opinion. If I had to choose I would not hesitate.

4. CLASSIC GARDEN KIT: It is a set that consists of 3 parts, when you get together it gives you attack, defense, supplies, gold and goods bonuses. In very small quantities, everything is insignificant, LESS ATTACK, it is an option to consider

Tertiary Awards

They only appear in the special prizes of the day. For a player who already produces more than 1000 points forge a day these prizes can be more attractive than the colossus!

  1. POSITION OF CENTINELA ADVANCED.- With a size 1×1 gives 2% defense at the time that your army attacks someone.
  2. KIT TO IMPROVE THE TACTICAL TOWER.- The tactical tower gives a 2% attack to your army that defends your city, with this improvement passes to 4%.
  3. CENTINELA ADVANCED POSITION UPDATE KIT.- Increase the defense of your defending army from 2% to 4%.
  4. TACTICAL TOWER.- 2% attack on the army that defends your city.
  5. POSITION OF ADVANCED CENTINELA.- The attack of your defending army increases by 2%.
  6. OTHERS.- Traditional prizes will also be awarded; the wishing well, renovation kit, sanctuary of knowledge, and other minor awards.



This event will last 20 days, what I did was to do all the instant missions until reaching the limit of the daily missions, then wait for day 10 and by then I had collected 8600 balls, pay 150 diamonds to hire the premium coach and start playing , I did very well, I won the special prize of the day 19 times, I opted for the kit of the colossus and I already have 2, in addition to achieving the main prize at the highest level.


News, I am going to build an alliance in Arvahall (Mexico), there I produce 600 forge points, and many goods, if there are people interested or just getting started you can move there and I can help you a lot.

I will also upload a new video about my conclusions of the year 2019 that left. What strategy will I use for 2020?

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